Top 3 Problems with LTL Shipping

Top 3 Problems with LTL Shipping

Problems with LTL Shipping

Shipping products LTL (or Less-Than-Truckload) is a common form of transportation whereby your products are combined with various other shippers’ products on a truck. Although this is a very popular method of shipping, the practice has a few issues that shipper should be aware of. Being well informed of all possible problems your cargo may experience while being shipped is a good way to ensure you choose the method of transportation that’s right for you. Here are a few things to keep in mind when shipping your goods LTL.

  1. Damages

For anyone who has shipped their products LTL, this should come as no surprise. LTL shipping pretty much guarantees that your cargo will be handled by as many people as possible. The more exchanges your products go through, the more likely they are to get damaged. Not only can this pose issues, but tracking down the culprit responsible for the harm of your goods can leave your insurance companies with insufficient proof of who caused the damage and leave the claims unresolved.

  1. Delivery Time

Unfortunately, if you are shipping your products LTL, there is no guarantee they will be delivered on time unless requested (which will end up costing you more.) If you are frequently shipping products that need to be delivered at a specified time, you may be better off with other shipping methods (such as FTL.)

  1. Finding the Best Carrier

Keep in mind that not all carriers will handle LTL shipments. Finding a carrier that will move your products LTL is one difficulty, however, finding the carrier with the BEST prices can be even more of a hassle. If you’re not well informed of all your shipping and carrier options, you may be settling for a really bad deal with your LTL shipments.


If you have experienced frequent delays or damages to your cargo through LTL shipping methods, it may be time to switch. Commerce Express, Inc. has connections with hundreds of truckers and tons of intermodal lanes and would be happy to talk with you about your current shipping situation. We have a breadth of available options to accommodate each business and meet them where they are at. Give us a call – it all starts with a conversation!

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