The Importance of Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance provides you financial protection in case of a disaster. There is always a chance for accidents or lose loads to happen, having insurance helps protects your business if something like that happens.

Benefits of Cargo Insurance

The primary benefit of cargo insurance is that you minimize your financial loss, even if your shipment is damaged or lost. The small investment you pay provides you with a peace of mind as your goods leave your warehouse.

With domestic freight movements, your goods will not have to go through customs. However, having insurance is still a great plan for your products, in case of damage or delays. It is also important to remember that domestic freight forwarders set up deliveries, but they do not have fault or responsibility if weather, damaged goods, or unexpected events cause delays in the shipments.

Time sensitive shipments, snowstorms, closed roads or construction, could cause delays that you do not anticipate, or think could happen to you. Having a good relationship with your freight forwarder and having insurance on your cargo can make those delays easier to manage. As a freight forwarder, they cannot stop a snowstorm, but they can try everything possible before the shipment, to make everything go smoothly going forward.

What to Do Going Forward

It is important to note that many freight forwarders do not offer cargo insurance separately. Since freight forwarding companies manage the logistics of shipping and offer insurance as an added feature of their main service and are not insurance providers. More times than not, you must have the company handle your shipments to take advantage of the cargo insurance.

If you would like to learn more about other cargo insurance options, contact us today!

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