California DMV Expanding Capacity for Commercial Driving Tests

Last Tuesday, the California Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) said they plan to expand capacity to administer driving tests by increasing weekend hours and shifting examiners from other parts of the state to Southern California, due to the need for truckers to pull containers from the backlogged ports.

According to Freightwaves, the DMV is adding three additional offices (Fullterton, Montebello, and Winnetka) that will offer commercial driving test appointments, which brings the total number of Saturday test sites to 15. Earlier this year the department trained more staff to administer the tests and redirected examiners to the areas that had the greatest demand in order to expand capacity.

DMV Director Steve Gordan stated the importance of increasing the number of safe truck drivers in California to transports goods. “Our goal is to give everyone who needs to take a test for a commercial driver’s license the opportunity to be tested within 30 days if they meet the requirements.” As of now, the DMV administers around 5,000 commercial driving tests each month statewide. With the additional staffing changes as well as the expanded Saturday testing, the DMV anticipated to add another 4,700 appointments a month, according to Freightwaves.

The DMV has also offered commercial driver’s license extensions and more commercial driving services online. As of now the DMV no longer requires drivers with an out-of-state commercial license to take a knowledge or skills test when transferring to a commercial license with the same class and endorsements. All of these additional changes and extensions have been in part to keep drivers on the road by making it possible to conduct business without coming into an office. If you would like to learn more today, contact a member of our team!

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