Starting December 1st, New Customs Requirements for Mexico Shipments Begin

Starting Wednesday, December 1st there will be new customs requirements for all shipments going through Mexico, regardless of if it is crossing the border or not. However, an important thing to note is this trial enforcement begins without liability of the waybill information, but then on January 1st, it will begin full enforcement. These new requirements are in hopes to put a stop on the rise of smuggled goods and lost tax revenue occurring throughout Mexico. While there is a lot of support and agreement for these new requirements, some trade officials in Mexico fear that there is not enough time to adequately prepare for the changes.  

According to Freightwaves, the SAT (Mexican Tax Authority) will require any entities sending goods through Mexico to modify their electronic invoices – know as CFDI in Spanish – with the Carta Porte supplement. It doesn’t matter what size the freight is, nor if its by road, rail, air, or sea, ALL freight and ALL types of commodities will be required to do this. If shippers, carriers, or any other parties do not have the correct documentation, the SAT could issue a fine up to $4,500.

What will be required?

According to Freightwaves, some of the new BOL requirements include:

  • Type of transportation (national/international)
  • Travel distance
  • Quantity and description of goods,
  • Custom tariff code
  • Packing type
  • Commodity and hazmat codes
  • Vehicle’s owner name
  • Operator’s name and domicile
  • Detailed locations pertaining to origin and destination

It’s important to make sure your cross-border shipments are handled properly and efficiently. As well as your team you select, being familiar with that country’s clearance procedures and any bumps that come along the road. If you have any questions or would like assistance on your cross-border shipments, reach out to a team member today and we would be happy to discuss further with you!

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