How Does The Truck Driver Shortage Look For 2022?

The truck driver shortage seems like it will continue to be an issue in 2022 as it has been in the past couple of years. In 2021, the trucking industry were short roughly 80,000 truck drivers due to pandemic related issues including high demand and lack of hiring and retaining new drivers.

So, what is the solution?

  • Bonuses and pay increases: This is not the cure for the solution entirely but for most people, truck drivers included, receiving pay increases and/or bonuses is a motivating factor to keep working. American Trucking Associations estimated that earnings are increasing at a rate that is five times their historical average and the average weekly earning for longhaul drivers are up more than 25% since the start of 2019.
  • Listen to your drivers and be aware: An important part in retaining your drivers is making them feel heard. Ask your drivers what issues they are facing that way you can become more aware of the challenges they may face and in turn be able to intervene and assist when needed.
  • Driver outreach programs: Getting the younger generation interested in trucking can be a difficult task, but it’s a task that is important and would in turn help the trucking industry hire more drivers. Recently, President Biden signed into law the largest federal spending package. That bill also includes some initiatives to help improve driver reach out and help promote outreach to women drivers, read more about those initiatives here.

Scott Dismuke, the Director of Operations at Professional Driver Agency told American Trucking that the truck driver shortage issues could vary next year, depending a lot on how the current market conditions continue to evolve. If you would like to learn more, reach out to a team member today!

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