Rail Infrastructure and Capacity Projects Remain Full Steam Ahead

As this New Year begins, there are many rail issues that are important to rail shippers and additional stakeholders for this year. From reciprocal switching, proposed acquisitions, to where federal grants for infrastructure projects will be going, expanding sustainability programs, and efforts to help provide relief to supply chain congestion and more.

The freight rail industry will continue to speak out about the environmental benefits of freight rail compared to those benefits against trucks. As well as expanding sustainability programs that will be aimed at reducing the fuel emissions of locomotives, reported Freightwaves. Chuck Baker, President of the American Short Line and Regional Rail Association stated that they will continue to tell the story and boast about the environmental benefits of freight rail.  

According to Freightwaves, the industry will be keeping a close eye on public-private partnerships and publicly funded projects and how they benefit freight rail. “With the signing of the bipartisan infrastructure package, freight railroads look forward to working with federal partners at USDOT on projects that enhance long-term competitiveness and bolster safety,” says Jessica Kahanek, spokesperson for the Association of American Railroads and reported by Freightwaves.

Getting access to new chassis and reducing chassis dwell times were heavy on intermodal companies minds in 2021. There was a severe lack of available chassis which in turn aggravated the supply chain congestion and impacted dwell times at inland terminals, reported by Freightwaves.  “Gaining access to chassis parts has also been a challenge due to supply limitations, shipping delays and regular COVID-19 related shutdowns, which curtail work crews and limit productions,” said Daniel Walsh, President and CEO of TRAC Intermodal. Hopefully in 2022 the rail industry will see improvements and success on the things that lacked last year, while continuing to see success on what did work. If you want to learn more, contact a team member today!

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