E-commerce Increases and Puts Organizations To The Test, Warehouse Robotics Technologies Can Assist

Warehouse automation can seem like a daunting and non-traditional way of improving supply chains, however as customers continue to increase e-commerce and online purchasing, warehouse automation is an excellent opportunity for keeping up with customer demand, while improving efficiency and innovation. Companies like Amazon and Ocado have already made the jump to warehouse automation and have already seen a change in efficiency.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) have established breakthroughs in complex decision-making in real time and how people view these new innovations. AI and IoT allows robotics technologies to be able to operate effectively in more complicated, unstructured environments such as warehouse and distribution networks, Business Insider says.

Warehouse robotics technologies are not a one size fit all. Many organizations of various sizes are able to see and reap the benefits of these innovations while they continue to make their warehouse operations efficient, cost-effective, and safe. However, warehouse automation is still not used by the majority of warehouses. According to Business Insider,  80% of warehouses remain manually operated with robotic palletizing and picking at 15% and 8% respectfully, in regards to the greatest investments to date.

Since the pandemic began, enterprises no longer have the ability or downtime to upgrade facilities to increase capacity and involve new technology, while e-commerce giants have an easier time incorporating newer technology as their technology stacks are already built, Business Insider says. Organizations that are looking at improving their warehouse automation and technologies should feel optimistic that advanced robotics has the ability to be integrated into operations without major disruptions or taking down a system or facility. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, contact a team member today!

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