April Showers, Bring May Flowers? What to Expect This Mother’s Day Involving the Flower Supply

April showers do indeed bring May flowers, but this Mother’s Day expect to pay more for less, because of the supply chain snarls. With Mother’s Day this Sunday, everyone is on the search for flowers for their mother, or motherly figure in their life. Waves are still being felt in the floral industry, from the beginning of the pandemic, to with the ongoing supply chain issues now.

CBS News, says the flower shortage itself goes back to the beginning of the pandemic, when crops were no longer being planted and existing ones died. Then add that to the supply chain issues and labor shortages.  

Don’t despair – many flower shops are saying it’s not too late to purchase flowers for your loved one, you just may need to get a little creative and make sure not to wait till the very last moment to purchase some.

Labor shortages and weather hindering growth of flowers

Flowers are not out of stock, but labor shortages, weather, and supply chain snarls have impacted the growth of flowers, which has created shortages of flower supplies and plant availability. “There’s some vases I can’t get and flowers I can’t get. It’s still due to COVID-19 and the lag behind that you have to grow,” Michael Rankowitz, Norwich flower shop owner, says on the availability of flowers, vases, etc., in flower shops these days.

For Stephanie Oleksak, Mother’s Day is great for business, especially as things start to go back to normal. “When we see things at the wholesaler that are available, we have to jump on it a lot quicker and we kind of have to think in advance a little bit more… it’s been worse so things, everything all around is getting a little bit better,” Oleksak says. Oleksak continued to tell Western Mass News that certain flowers, such as tropicals and roses, are harder to get than others, which is why she suggests planning ahead – if you want something specific.

For Castro’s Flower Shop, this shortage has been a consistent issue since Valentines Day. Castro’s Flower Shop co-owners say the reason for the shortages, is labor. Many places have been hiring more and more works to combat with the labor shortages.

Looking Ahead

Most flower shops have been saying this year’s current shortage is not as bad as last year’s, which is a great sign for things to continue to get back to normal. Many workers in floral shops have urged consumers to order early to help avoid with the Mother’s Day rush.

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