What Is Being Done Regarding Adding More Parking for Truckers

Getting additional parking for truckers has been a topic of conversation and a priority for quite some time. Adding more parking for truckers will create a more productive, safe and resilient workforce.

In addition, the process in adding more parking for truckers does create some challenges. FMCSA also plays a role in parking for truckers including ways they are addressing the top issues in the trucking industry. Furthermore, there are several ways states can help improve truck parking.

FMCSA working with partners to address top issues in the trucking industry

Most recently, the acting head of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), Robin Hutcheson, has pledged to work collaboratively with fleets to address the top issues in the industry.

Hutcheson was formally selected to lead FMCSA at the beginning of April, and her nomination now awaits approval of the Senate Commerce Committee.

At the American Trucking Associations’ yearly Mid-Year Management Session, truck parking was brought up, with Hutcheson understanding that the need for more truck parking is apparent.

“This is another instance where it is not solvable by one entity alone – we are working with our partners at the Federal Highway Administration, to identify every available funding opportunity that might be put toward truck parking at the state level,” Transport Topics reports.

The lack of parking for truckers also poses safety concerns.

For example, on average drivers spend nearly an hour of driving time every day attempting to find parking. And 58% of drivers say they have parked in unauthorized places, at least three times a week

“A driver who is tired is not the safest driver on the road,” Hutcheson noted, and continued to emphasize that the FMCSA is very interested in helping solve some of these issues with truck parking.

Additionally, some states are even using technology from federal grants to help with the truck parking issue at hand, Transport Topics reported.

Three Guidebooks are being developed for states to improve truck parking

The three guidebooks will be developed in research projects conducted by the Transportation Research Board and has received support from the American Transportation Research Institute.

Some of the current challenges of implementing more parking for truckers has been zoning laws, which can vary throughout the country.

As a result, these guidebooks will have the potential for states, metropolitan planning organizations and local governments to educate themselves about the challenges of truck parking and ways to improve and manage their truck parking facilities.

Going Forward

We will continue to provide updates on the latest in the industry and more throughout the year and beyond. If you have any questions or comments regarding this topic, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today!

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