About Us

The effectiveness and optimization offered by Commerce Express, Inc., a provider of logistics sourcing, shipment execution, program management, and consulting services, benefits supply chains in a range of industries. We offer advice, sourcing, and management services to small and large businesses who want to improve their supply chains and ENABLE quantifiable results.

Over the last 40+ years, we have honed our expertise. Many have found it beneficial regardless of industries. We are knowledgeable in the specifics and general best practices related to managing the pickup and delivery, of infinite commodities. We can help you get everything you need to send to its destination, no matter where it needs to go.


Owen Campbell
Strategic Development Manager

As the Strategic Development Manager, Owen serves as the vital gateway to our company’s dynamic ecosystem and leadership team. With a focus on driving growth and fostering innovation, he is dedicated to orchestrating seamless collaboration and strategic alignment across all departments. Set up time to talk with Owen here.

Chelsey Augst :  Financial Controller

Andrew Koval : Managing Director of Operations

Justin Engelmeier : Vice President of Sales

Dave Canfield : President

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