Commerce Express, Inc. isn’t just in the business of moving freight.
We offer a wide range of intermodal logistics solutions, freight management services, dispatch and tracking technology, cargo liability coverage, and more! It’s all about providing one solution to get your product where it needs to go.

Over the Road

Our expansive carrier network covers the United States, Mexico, and Canada, enabling our team of transportation specialists to provide a seamless experience whether it’s a specialty project or a simple dry van.
is the fastest growing mode of transportation. Intermodal shipping reduces cargo handling, improves security, reduces damages and loss, and in some cases results in faster transit times.
Cross-Border Shipping
Shipping by rail and road between the United States, Mexico, and Canada requires customs clearance.
Cargo Insurance​
Shippers Interest Insurance is "all risk" and covers all accidental losses by external causes.
Special Services
Customized freight solutions beyond your standard pickup and delivery that create advanced and cost-efficient transportation.
Drayage & Port Services
Commonly referred to as "drayage" or "cartage", dedicated carriers will run between the ocean ports, rail terminals and shipping docks to transport the freight a short distance.

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