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Regulators Have Approved a Class I Railroad Merger

Rail’s history of mergers and takeovers can be likened to a game of agar.io. Over time, the biggest railroads became bigger by absorbing any smaller ones in their sight. Now, rail’s regulatory guru, the Surface Transportation Board (STB), has okayed

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Long Beach Looks to Derail from Past Bottlenecks

The Port of Long Beach’s Executive Director Mario Cordero has not forsaken any optimism for the southern Californian port. Rather, it’s rumored Cordero’s glasses fog up when sharing the forward-thinking vision he has for America’s busiest freight hub.   When

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Trucks Are Not Included in New EV Charging Rule

A final rule is out for minimum standards of electric vehicle chargers. However, EV commercial trucks and their respective charging infrastructure remain absolved of this recent verdict. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the federal agency tasked with the ruling, refrained

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