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This Year’s Hurricane Forecast Is In

Last week, we uncovered trucking’s peril with tornado alley. After such a read, what could possibly be more extreme than a tornado? Surely, nothing can match the viciousness from the 300 mile per hour winds of these freight train-sounding death

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Zero-Emission Electric Vehicles Starting in California

Every year, millions of tons of goods pass through the ports of California, connecting American consumers and foreign companies. However, all of this activity has caused significant convers over the health of pedestrians and residents of the state. Current regulations

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Nearshoring in Mexico Will Revolutionize Western Trade

For years, the United States and surrounding countries have relied heavily upon Asia – specifically China – for outsourcing manufacturing and production operations. China has positioned themselves as a leader in manufacturing for decades and has remained one of the

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Chicago Suburbs Appeal CPKC’s Merger

It’s rare to see suburbia riled. These outer-ring neighborhoods err on the side of recluse, comfort, and Costco. Suburban discourse is typically carried out over boxed wine at weekly book clubs while talking about the latest bits of neighbor gossip.

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West Coast Cargo Bleed Stains Domestic Intermodal

Intermodal providers are reporting lower freight volumes in their corner of the industry as the country’s import lull through the West Coast continues. The Southern Californian ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have been at the forefront of this

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