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Freight Remains Soft After a Historic 2022

Last year, it was nearing madness in March for freight movement, however this time around, the third month on the calendar saw a muted performance in 2023. Along with volume, transportation costs also took a dip last month. Freight volume,

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Can Drones Solve the Final Mile Problem?

Last but not least. These words best describe the importance of final mile shipping. It’s the last leg of a shipment, but it’s typically the most expensive and inefficient for retailers. Whether it’s multiple stops with low drop sizes or

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California Eyes Zero-Emission Trucking By 2036

Time is not a commodity for an industry that transports the brunt of America’s commodities from container yards and warehouses to storefronts and marketplaces. For trucking, there can always be more time. More time to move freight, more time to

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