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What’s Going on in International Shipping?

Odds are whoever reads this is a supply chain professional or, at the very least, with a company that engages in shipping activities. It’s common for domestic shippers to also be international shippers—whether that’s purchasing and importing products and materials

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2023 Freight Rail: A Year in Review

Heading into 2023, freight rail had a chip on its shoulder—to prove that the industry was still competitive. Perhaps melodramatic, but the previous 2022 campaign could be described as disastrous. Railroads toiled with deteriorating service levels, a rift between its

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Retail Giants Aggressively Invest in Faster Delivery

Everyone knows a procrastinator or two. Last second shopping for holiday gifts is perhaps one of the more revealing examples of someone putting things off until it’s nearly too late. Retail giants are aware of this consumer phenomenon and continue

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2023: The Year of U.S.-Mexico Trade

This year, more business came from the south, and not the north. Trade data, nearshoring trends, and the rising value of the peso all put a light on Mexico’s growing commercial relationship with the U.S. U.S. top trade partner in

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