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Cross-Border Shipping Required Documents for Mexico

Cross-Border Shipping: Required Documents for Mexico

Documents, documents, documents, documents, and more… documents. International shipping is enough to make anyone’s head spin. The number of documents that are required by carriers and freight forwarders, we well as U.S. Customs for any international shipments can get overwhelming.

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What is a Freight Forwarder and How Do I Pick One (1)

What is a Freight Forwarder and How Do I Pick One?

There’s so many terms in the shipping world that it can seem like you’re staring at a bowl of alphabet soup. Carrier, NVOCC, freight forwarder, broker – what’s the difference? Commerce Express, Inc. is a licensed freight forwarder. If you

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5 Steps to Prepare Your Freight For Shipping

5 Steps to Prepare Your Freight for Shipping

It’s crucial to not overlook the importance of properly preparing your freight for shipment. Freight shipping is a multi-step process that includes document preparation, communication, and packing, and ensuring these steps are done correctly can save you a lot of

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