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Canada’s ELD Mandate and Why It Is Important

Back in March of this year, Canadian Transport Minister Omar Alghabra announced the rollout of Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs). There was not a clear reason why this rollout would be happening but expressed the need for them, due to the

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The Importance of Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance provides you financial protection in case of a disaster. There is always a chance for accidents or lose loads to happen, having insurance helps protects your business if something like that happens. Benefits of Cargo Insurance The primary

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Cross-Border Transport: What to Look For in a Carrier

Cross-Border transport continues to grow as companies expand their business operations and customer bases outside their country. Looking beyond your borders, at least as far as shipping goes, often comes with an entirely new set of challenges and complexities. Selecting

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What is Drayage Service?

If you are relatively new to shipping, or are expanding your involvement with it, knowing what drayage service is, and the advantages it provides can benefit your company in the long run. What is Drayage Service? Drayage service is a

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Commerce Express Lashing Guide:

This guide provides different methods of lashing and how they can best suit and secure your cargo. We value your products and want them to arrive to your final destination in the safest way possible. By preventing sliding, shifting, and

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What You Need To Know about FTL Shipping

When it comes to different ways to move freight, one of the first modes of transport you will hear about is truckload, or FTL shipping. Truckload shipping is a means to transport sizeable loads. You have enough goods to fill

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