Understand the Benefits of Intermodal Transit


With the popularity of domestic trucking, many have forgotten about the various benefits of moving your products via rail. There are a lot of misconceptions regarding the benefits and downfalls of intermodal transportation, many of which arise from uninformed or ill-informed assumptions. Luckily, with all the physical and technological improvements made to rail-based transportation companies (including automated scheduling and tracking), intermodal shipping services may be the best option for moving your products. Here are just a few reasons to consider intermodal transportation.

Rate Consistency

We’ve all been there before. The busy fall season rolls around, truckers are hard to find and as a result, they are charging way more for their services. It wasn’t in your budget or schedule to deal with this hassle, but you just accept that this is how things have to go, right? You’ll probably be relieved to hear that there are other options for you. Although truckers may be hard to find, trains are constantly moving. Not only does this keeps rail rates consistent through each season, but research has shown rail rates to save shippers 10 to 30 percent on average.


Since transit schedules are set in stone, shippers have much more knowledge of timing and equipment available at rail stations. This makes intermodal transportation a significantly easier and more reliable method than conventional trucking. Forget about questioning who has your shipment, where it is, and when it is going to be moved, since you’re always in the loop on available capacity, shipment schedules, and rates with rail transportation.

Eco Conscious

Making the choice of transport via intermodal methods is also a choice to take care of the planet. Trains emit roughly one fourth the amount of carbon dioxide than traditional trucking methods, making rail transportation a much cleaner shipping method.

Ease of Process

As previously mentioned, we know how much of a pain it is to manage the schedule of 5 or more people across the U.S. who are supposed to move your cargo. Arranging for pickup time, dray, line haul, and destination pick-up is frustrating to say the least. Luckily, the existence of transportation agencies that offer all-inclusive truck/rail/truck services to streamline your shipping process make intermodal shipments a breeze.

If you have any questions or want to speak with an experience team member at Commerce Express, please reach out! we would be happy to assist you!

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