Benefits of Selecting a Local Carrier

Benefits of Selecting a Local Carrier

When selecting a carrier to move your products, it’s important to understand your options as there are a lot of them. Although the safest most trustworthy method used to be selecting companies such as UPS and FedEx, the tables are beginning to turn. In many areas, dare I say most, local carriers are proving to have an advantage on the bigger corporations.

Benefits of Selecting a Local Carrier

As technology continues to develop, smaller carriers are becoming more capable of providing the same value and services as the big kids on the block. It all boils down to how capable a business is of leveraging the tools they are given. Depending on your situation, you may be better off working with a local carrier than a corporate giant. Here are a few benefits of selecting a local carrier:

  1. Delivery Time

Local carriers have on-time delivery averaging upwards of 99%. Although bigger companies have these results as their goal, the truth is; bigger company equals more products which equals more mistakes.

  1. Customer Service

This one is a no-brainer. If you’ve ever tried to get a hold of someone to ask about your freight at a large transportation agency you can attest to the fact that your efforts have been in vain. Local carriers provide the value of being immediately available to answer your questions and keep you in the know on your shipments at any time.

  1. Damage

Damage reductions from selecting a local carrier are very significant. In fact, damage can get as low as 1/30th that of the standard giant freight forwarder.

  1. Accessorial Charges

National carriers are very asset intensive which naturally leads to higher costs. The accessorial charges and minimums are proven to be lower in almost every case when utilizing a local carrier to move your products.

  1. Customizable Options

National carriers are usually required to standardize their options and service offerings. By working with a local carrier or freight forwarder, options are generally able to be tailored to your unique situation if needed. With better customer service, communication, and the option to customize your options, the benefits of choosing a local carrier over a national one are obvious.

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