Market Updates: Feb. 20th, 2024

Trucking —

  • FMC upholds ruling regarding chassis dispute with ocean carriers.
  • New Jersey has increased the minimum requirement in which commercial trucks must carry for insurance coverage – the amount has been raised to $1.5 million.
  • Winter weather remains a risk consideration throughout this time of year.
  • Six outbound truck lanes are currently under construction and expected to open this month at the SSA Jacksonville Container Terminal.
  • International Roadcheck this year is from May 14-16th. Inspection focuses are on tractor protection systems, alcohol and drug possession.

Rail —

  • NTSB is expected to release their findings on the East Palestine, Ohio train derailment this summer, during their final board meeting on the incident. 

Cross-Border —


  • Federal officials are being brought in to help assist negotiations between dockworkers and the Port of Montreal.
    • Strikes/lockouts cannot occur until the Canada Industrial Relations Board rules it’s deemed “essential.” The board is asking for more information – by mid-February – from all parties involved. 
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