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December 5th, 2023 

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Trucking –

Rail –

  • Surface Transportation Board has extended a deadline – to December 20th – on feedback for its proposed rule for reciprocal switching.
  • Union Pacific is set to open and operate a new international intermodal terminal in Phoenix, AZ.
    • UP says this will provide a rail option for those that want a connection between the ports of Los Angeles and the U.S. Southwest.
  • Union Pacific plans to expand their on-dock rail service at Port Houston, by including access to four more inland markets.
    • This rail service will be available for those seeking to transport imports, exports and empty containers.

FMCSA Issues Warning to Truckers Who Drug-Test Positive, Will Lose CDLs

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issued a notice at the end of November, saying “a driver with a drug and alcohol program violation is prohibited from performing safety-sensitive functions, including operating CMVs, for any DOT-regulated employer until the return-to-duty process is complete.”

In other words, if any trucker violates the drug use policy, their driving status will be prohibited, and they will lose their CDL and not be issued learning permits until the return to duty process is complete.

This final rule was issued back in October 2021, but the FMCSA sent out a reminder last week. 

This goes into effect starting November 18th, 2024.

FMCSA Removes Ten ELDs Off Their Registered Devices List

On December 1st, the FMCSA announced its removal of ten electronic logging devices (ELDs) from their list of registered devices and are now placed on their Revoked Devices List.

The reason for the removal? They state that the makers of the devices failed to meet the minimum requirements established in 49 CFR part 395, subpart B, appendix A.

Those who are impacted by this removal needs to:

You can find the list of the ten revoked ELDs, here.

Commerce Blog

A Look Behind Christmas Tree Peak Season-01

The December 25 holiday is what supply chains are made for. While retailers garner the most attention when it comes chronicling the behind-the-scenes preparation for meeting consumer demand, another beneficiary of America’s holiday spirit are tree producers—more specifically, of Christmas tree variety.

Just like retailers in late August through October having their peak shipping season, tree producers have theirs. The following is a closer look at the peak season for shipping Christmas trees.

Read more here 

Leaders ‘Urge’ the Passing of a Freight Rail Safety Legislation

The potential legislation – which was put together after the East Palestine (Ohio) freight train derailment in February – would aim to strengthen and promote safety operations along supply chains nationwide.

The bill would also mandate the use of certain defect-detection technology and ensure safe agencies are equipped with additional information about the type of hazardous materials transported via rail, as Transport Topics reports.

The mayor of East Palestine emphasized his support for the passage and that the passage will not mark the end of their story, “but it will go a long way in giving us the peace of mind that our hardships were not in vain and that the reaction to what we endured will save fellow Americans from facing the same fate.”

Ohio Senators J.D. Vance and Sherrod Brown are also urging for a passage of the Railway Safety Act to be approved.

Total Weekly Rail Traffic for the Week Ending November 25th, 2023:

  • U.S. weekly rail traffic was 415,332 carloads and intermodal units, up 2.4 percent compared to the same time last year – per AAR data.
  • U.S. weekly intermodal volume was 219,384 containers and trailers are up 7.1 percent.
  • Petroleum and petroleum products, metallic ores and metals, and chemicals all saw increases. While miscellaneous carloads, non-metallic minerals and grain all saw decreases.
  • North American rail volume for the first 47 weeks of this year was 30,823,776 carloads and intermodal units, which is down 3 percent compared to last year.

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