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June 18th, 2024 

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If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding produce season or anything else freight related, you can connect with Owen via LinkedIn or book a 5 minute call with him. 

U.S. Truckload Spot Rates Steadily Increasing, Yet Still Below From 2023

Truckload rates in the U.S. are continuing to increase, but interestingly are still below from last year, some reports suggest.

Out on the U.S. West Coast, U.S. imports entering the West Coast ports have seen an increase in volume and rates involving intermodal and truckloads. Per DAT data, load volumes from Los Angeles increased 22% week to week as of June 10th. 

Are you seeing rates increase on your shipments? Is that a concern for you now or in the future? Reach out to our team today to see competitive rates on your shipments.

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More U.S. imports from China are arriving at the Mexican coast, opting for a cross-border haul north towards their U.S. destinations. The routing trend has ushered in growth for ports of entry along the U.S.-Mexico border, while also reminding stakeholders of Mexico’s increased role in American trade and supply chains.

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Our ENABLE Protocol allows our customers to be ABLE to Analyze, create a strategic Blueprint, Leverage, and Execute their current shipping process to improve their supply chain and ENABLE quantifiable results. 

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