Trucking News: July 9th, 2024

California’s Advanced Clean Fleets Rule, Is It Impacting Cross-Border Truckloads?

Starting January 2025, fleet owners must retire internal combustion engine vehicles at the end of their useful life, per the regulation. This requirement applies to trucks entering the U.S. from Mexico.

Due to the expensive nature of electronic trucks ($100,000+), trucking operators based in Mexico are finding it difficult to adhere to California’s Advanced Clean Fleets rule, which is expected to impact trucks entering the U.S. border by 2025.

Lack of infrastructure for EVs is also an issue. Throughout the Mexico region there’s only 1,100 charging stations, per the Mexican Automobile Industry Association. Additionally, the minimum requirement to charge heavy-duty commercial trucks is 50 Kw, and it’s uncertain how many public charging stations in Mexico have 50 kW chargers.

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