Trucking News: June 4th, 2024

Brake Safety Week Set For August 25th – 31st:

Another transportation blitz week is making its way… Brake Safety Week is set to take place from August 25th-31st.  

This blitz will focus on brake systems and components, those who are found in violation will be removed until the violation has been corrected.

Brake linings and pads will also be a focus and as such, if violations occur, those vehicles could be removed and impact the motor carrier’s safety rating, the CVSA states.

How can carriers prepare their truckers? Well, similar to Roadcheck week, carriers should educate/inspect their own truckers, make pre-trip inspections a regular occurrence, and have a clear line of communication with your team of truckers, management, and maintenance staff.

ATRI Releases Their 2024 Approved Research Priorities

The American Transportation Research Institute released their research priorities for this year, in an effort to address some of the industry’s biggest challenges.

Per ATRI’s press release, such projects include: 

  • Calculating the Cost of Truck Bottlenecks. Part of the research for this will include analysis on what congestion costs for various bottleneck locations from their “Top 100 Truck Bottlenecks” list.
  • Comprehending the Scope of Cargo Theft in the U.S. A continued challenge for a vast majority of industry stakeholders, part of this research will focus on looking at current data and working with motor carriers to better quantify the scale and frequency of cargo theft.
  • Impact of Nuclear Verdicts – Update. Four years ago, the ATRI released a study that focused on how often and the impact of nuclear verdicts on the trucking industry. Part of this research will including using more relevant data to show how verdicts have adapted since their original study in 2020, motor carrier insurance impacts, contributing factors to verdicts, etc.
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