Trucking News: May 14th, 2024

Reminder: It’s International Roadcheck Week

Starting today through Thursday, May 16th, there will be an increase in enforcement of inspections involving commercial motor vehicles all throughout North America. The focus for this year’s Roadcheck is on tractor protection systems and alcohol/drug possession.

Last year it was noticed that load rejections saw increases in the days leading up to and during Roadcheck. Will that happen again this year? Time will tell but it’s something to be aware of as capacity typically decreases (slightly) and in turn rates increase, during this event.

Here’s a couple resources if you want to read more about the background of Roadcheck, the Roadcheck inspection process entails, and what carriers can do to prepare for Roadcheck this week.

Learn more about the In’s and Outs of International Roadcheck 2024

How does one earn a passing stick at International Roadcheck?

Cross-Border: Tractor-Trailer Thefts In April Increased Year-Over-Year

In Mexico, a total of 153 incidents of tractor-trailer thefts occur in April, according to the National Association of Vehicle Tracking and Protection Companies (ANERPV) – an organization for vehicle security and tracking sector in Mexico. These thefts have seen a 7.7% increase from April last year. 

Additionally, ANERPV reports the majority of the thefts (33%) happened in the early/late mornings.

What type of trailer was most sought after? That would be dry van trailers per the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS), an organization that looks into and tracks cargo thefts.

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